History of the Inn

While researching King George Avenue, Lynn ran across some very interesting history of the Inn.

Lieutenant Henry Shaver Trout was the owner and first resident of 315 King George Avenue, the site of the Inn today. Lieutenant Trout was born on October 15, 1841 and married Annie E. Thomas on May 16, 1866 in Roanoke County, Virginia. Henry served in the Civil war in the Confederacy (28th Virginia Infantry) and was wounded twice.

Lieutenant Henry Shaver Trout then served in Public Office between 1877 and 1886 as a Virginia State Senator. He was the Mayor of Roanoke from 1892 to 1894. He had three children: Mary E. Trout, born 1867, Martha Belle Trout born 1869 and John Thomas Trout born 1871. All of the children were born in Big Lick, Roanoke, Virginia.

His daughter, Mary Trout, was married in 1901, celebrating her marriage at home and "in the presence of only the immediate family and a few friends." The ceremony was performed by Reverend W. H. Milton, rector of St. John Episcopal Church. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Martha Belle Trout. The groom, Mr. E. Davenport, was employed as a cashier at the bank of Graham.

While serving as Mayor, Henry Shaver Trout gained recognition by standing against a mob which was responsible for the lynching and burning of a Mr. Smith. A number of citizens were shot and the mayor was wounded during this uprising. After the fighting subsided, the mayor was compelled to go into hiding, and saved his life with the protection of the Roanoke Light Infantry.

Come and visit, and take in a part of history at the King George Inn.


Lynn and Jim Hunt, Innkeepers, recognized the potential of this magnificent Colonial Revival and restored it to its former grandeur. While maintaining the integrity of the original home, they added spacious bathrooms and fixtures, remodeled the butler's pantry, and created a fabulous kitchen.

Four luxurious suites, each with a private bath and sitting area, connect to a spacious and comfortable gathering area suited for computer work, reading, or simply relaxing and enjoying the ambiance of this special place.

Visitors will notice gleaming floors as the large front windows welcome the morning sun. The Persian carpets provide interesting color and patterns that are the foundation for vintage furnishings and comfortable dining areas.

The upstairs art gallery, a modern feature, features a rotating collection of recognized regional artists' work, as well as Lynn's current works of art showcased in the "sleeping porches," Roof Top Gallery.

Come, relax, and be a part of history at the King George Inn.